Youth Camp 2 Registration

The Youth Camp 2 is open for registration to:

  • Regular 4 person teams
  • Parts of teams (any combination)
  • Individuals

Participants will be 18 years of age and under but anyone eligible for Junior curling status will be accepted.

Headliner instructors for this Youth Camp 2 will be Brendan Bottcher, Karsten Sturmay and Selena Sturmay.

2019 Youth Camp 2 - Registration Form

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NOTE: If this form is being completed by someone other than the individual participating in the camp (as may be the case with a youth camp registration), please note that terms such as "yourself", "your" or "you", refers to the individual attending the camp. Complete the form on behalf of the attendee.

Attendee Information

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Parent/Guardian Contact Information

All email correspondence for this camp will be sent to the parent or guardian email address provided below.

NOTE: This registration form requires that the Parent/Guardian information section be completed even If the Attendee is an adult over the age of 18 years (such as a Team Coach). In this case, you may duplicate the information provided under the Attendee Information section.

Parent/Guardian Chaperone

Accommodation at the dormitories is available for a fee for one parent or guardian to attend this camp as a chaperone for his or her child. Please choose 'Yes' to the question that follows and the additional chaperone fee will be visible under the projected cost section. Selecting the option "2 people 1 room" under the Accommodation section of this registration form will assign the parent or guardian to the same room as his or her child.


Please let us know your current address.

Curling Experience

Please tell us about your curling experience.

Curling Team

If you are registering for this camp as a part of a team - please indicate your team name here. Note that if you play on a team but you are registering for this camp as an individual, you do not have to fill out this section. This is only for players who's teammates will also be taking part in this camp.

Health Information

Please fill out any health information we should know about you. This should include all allergies - even those not related to food - and then any special food requirements.

Emergency Contact Information

Please fill out emergency contact details should we need to contact someone during your time at our camp. Please include your relationship to the emergency contact as well.


Attendees will be able to obtain accommodation and meals at the dormitories at the Augustana Campus of the University of Alberta located just 950 meters from the Camrose Recreation Centre with the Curling Facility – Rose City Curling Club. Dormitory rooms are available for single or double occupancy, and meals include 3 full meals per day with choices.

Attendees are also able to make their own arrangements for accommodation and meals. There are a number of hotels and restaurants in the City of Camrose.

Please choose an accommodation/meal plan:

Projected Cost

Below you will find your projected costs for the camp depending on the number of registrations the camp gets. This price also includes the price of the accomodation/meal plan you've chosen above along with the Canadian Goods and Services Tax (GST) that will be applied to your fee.

  Camp Cost Accomodation Cost GST Cost Total Cost
64 to 80 Registrations $1,100.00 CAD $0.00 CAD $55.00 CAD $1,155.00 CAD
81 to 96 Registrations $950.00 CAD $0.00 CAD $47.50 CAD $997.50 CAD
97 to 108 Registrations $825.00 CAD $0.00 CAD $41.25 CAD $866.25 CAD

A deposit of $500 is required now during registration. The remaining balance will be invoiced approximately one month in advance of the camp and will be based on the number enrolled in the selected camp. Each of the proposed camps will have a minimum enrolment requirement for the camp to proceed. Your deposit will be refunded in full should the camp not proceed.

Deposit Due Today: $250.00 CAD

Please note that applicants will receive email confirmation upon receipt. The organizers reserve the right to substitute instructors based on availability. The Camrose Academy of Curling, Instructors and staff, or contractors are not responsible for injuries at the Camrose Academy of Curling Society Summer Curling Camps. Registrations are transferable in case of illness or injury.

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